Go Apple

Every Go Realty agent.

MacBook Pro loaded with: Fusion & Windows.

One time during your career with Go Realty.

Right here.

We believe Apple technology fits with our approach to real estate. Simple, intuitive, and friendly.

You will pay $1,000 towards the MacBook Pro. We will pay the rest. We are happy to finance your contribution...you may pay $100 deposit and then $100 per closing for your next 9 closings.

The Fine Print
We own this computer until you have made your final payment. If you leave Go Realty (by your choice or our choice) before this time, we get the computer back. We will not refund any of your payments. If you lose or destroy your computer, you will still owe us the full $1,000.

This summary is copied directly from the form that our agents signed...it's that simple!  Since rolling out the program in April, 2011, we have helped 7 agents purchase Apple MacBook Pros.  

Current Apple penetration % at Go Realty...75% and climbing.  Our Goal:  100%.