Dear Sellers...

Dear Seller,

You probably know 5 Realtors off the top of your head...all good people, all with visible companies.  So the question quickly becomes, "Why work with Go Realty?"  We think there are several reasons.

Let's start with one of our core beliefs: Go Realty believes in our clients.  It's not about the perception of our company or the glory of a real estate agent.  It is about you, your objectives, and your property.  We design every seller experience with your goals and plans at the center.  For example we don't just load your property to all the different real estate sites (we do take that step), we build a web site that really tells the story of your place.  We've sold homes with grave sites, dogs included, and garlic hanging by the front door.  These qualities all become very interesting and attractive parts of the story. Your agent will communicate with you regularly, establish a compelling price in the midst of our crazy market, and provide you with a solid estimate of your financials in the transaction.

What tools can we bring to market your home?  Our agents blog.  A lot. Your web site will not remain the same.  In fact, we focus on providing new content to the site that promotes your property.  QR code?  Oh yeah, we got that.  It can link to your property page or beautiful photography of your place or even a video to highlight a feature of your home.  To be honest, most agents don't like to measure. So we bring in the experts.  Licensed appraisers to precisely determine every precious square foot and room dimension. We will turn that data into a marketing piece to pitch the wonders of your floor plan. Ever seen one of those real estate signs that was a bit wonky?  rusty?  cheesy?  We don't use those. Our signs are simple, professionally installed with heavy posts, and your prospect can find your agent quickly.

So who's a Go Agent?  They're pretty special people.  Less than 0.05% of the entire members of the local associations of Realtors meet the criteria we set for Go Agents.  Really.  We will never be a giant firm, because there just aren't that many agents who make our cut.   It takes a whole lot more than a real estate license and the ability to breathe to be on this team.  We look for agents who are savvy with social media.  As a small and focused company, we have over 2,600 fans on Facebook ... more than any other firm in the state of North Carolina.   Experience is another significant criteria.  Our agents average multiple years in the business.  When we do bring on new agents, they will be the most uniquely prepared rookies in the industry.  Promise.

You can also benefit from working with us as a locally owned company.  Jim lives in Durham.  Kevin lives in Apex.  No franchise center in Hoboken, no corporate office in Cincinnati, no account manager in Kansas City.  Our entire team is here in the Triangle.   We give back, too.  Each of our agents is passionate about the marketing of the homes they represent.  They are also passionate about giving back from the income they earn.  We match their contribution from the company level, to double the gift to over 20 local charities.

Mr.  & Mrs. Seller, we would love to go to work for you.  Let's get busy telling the story of your property.