Dear Realtors...

Dear Realtors... (and the rest of you who are "happy" where you are),

Thank you so much for visiting "Go Realty Unplugged"!!!  Originally designed and written for recruiting our founding agents, this blog then went underground when we launched the company in 2010. Limited to the Go Realty team, it has been our daily newspaper...our wall...our playground for communicating ideas, training, administrative detail, and most importantly...inspiration.

Then we got the bright idea, why not share it with everyone?!   We aren't very good at keeping secrets, anyway. We prefer transparency.  This blog is us. For those who like the way we roll, you will be a great fit. If our music is jarring to your ears, then it is better to keep your distance. We are not for everyone.

In a nutshell, Go Realty believes...
  • Culture matters - People do their best work...when they feel like it.  Our commitment is to create an office environment where you "feel like it" every day.  From the positive energy that greets you every day to the constant yammer updates from your team mates, we know that pumping you up puts more money in your pocket and in ours.  If you haven't read our Culture Book, request one to find out all kinds of juicy stuff. Nothing sums up Go Culture like our core beliefs.  Read about them here

  • The office should be cool - Have you been to one of our offices?  You need to stop by.  Over 5,000 people visited Go Cary during her first six months!  What other real estate company can say that?  Rather than just a place to make copies and turn in contracts, our offices are a place to meet people for lunch, a place to have a drink on Friday afternoons, and a place where people stop in to casually catch up.   Your business will increase because people will want to come see you, they will want to play on our Macs, and they will tell their friends. 
  • Our clients are more important than we are - Seriously.  This is why you will see lots of pictures of our clients in our office and on our website, and very few pictures of us.  We work with you to focus on your clients so that you will earn the referral, rather than hope they remember your picture.  
  • People prefer to buy local - When given a choice, people tend to buy local.  Go Realty is a local company, with local founders, local leadership, and a local understanding of the market.  With over 4,200 Facebook likes, it's obvious that people root for the hometown team.  You will feel the boost to your business from day 1.  (Links:  Go Realty Facebook Page, Leaving a Big Company for a Small One)
  • One commission plan is plenty - Ever wonder what the person next to you on the plane next paid for his ticket?  No need to wonder at Go Realty.  We are all on the same plan.  Despite many wonderful offers from great agents to make exceptions, we are sticking to our guns.  If our 70/30/95/5 plan works for you, great!  Come work for us!  If not, no big deal.  Best of luck.
  • Our job is to create opportunities for you to engage your network - This is the big question...right?  My touch system says to set up a meeting with Contact #421, but what do I say to him?  At Go Realty, our agents have so many built-in opportunities to reach out to their network without being pushy.  Happy Hours, Summit Events, Social Media Trainings, Facebook and new stuff we haven't even invented yet.  Your network will be more engaged with your real estate career than ever. 
  • There comes a time, when we heed a certain call - It sounds cheesy, but one of our goals is to reach out to other real estate companies and industry players in a positive way.  There is so much business out there, why not take the high road with everyone we come across.  Someday this will pay us all back big time.  
We hope you enjoy this blog.  Feel free to just read through all the entries, or if you'd like to focus on the meat and potatoes, we'd recommend starting with these entries:
Keep coming back to the blog; it changes all the time.  And please, reach out to us with any feedback.  We would love to know if this stuff strikes a chord or scares you off.  You would not be invited to see this blog unless we thought you would be a good fit.  Your opinion matters.

Thank you!  Enjoy!