Dear Buyers...

Dear Buyers,

You're looking for your next home.  Exciting, nerve-wracking, anxious, and monumental are some of the adjectives that may come to mind for you.  We know: it's a huuuuuuge decision.   We think it is important to work with someone who grasps the scope and gets, well, you.

Two of our core beliefs surface quickly when considering your needs.  We believe in you, the client.  You have a hunch, a perception, and a quest for that very best home that fits you and your family.  We don't want to get in the way of that process, just make it a lot easier.  We're here to listen, not tell.  Our job is to serve YOU.   We also believe in being memorable.  It's not like you buy a home every day.  We want this experience to be special.  Our agents actually focus on bringing some magic to your experience.  It's not easy, but they got skillz.

Our agents will roll out some serious technology to help you:  Video details, text communication, updates on every home that meets your criteria within minutes after it comes on the market.  They will talk with you by email, text, Skype, iPhone, or iPad - they can even talk to you in person! Imagine that :) 

Knowledge is often what buyers pursue from their agent.  There is no substitute for daily experience in the market.  Our agents are full-time, in it long haul, and they know the subtle turns, moving tides, and shifting sands that impact the Triangle market daily.  No substitutes for experience.  However, they are not going to tell you what to do.  Remember this purchase is about you.  We think a far better approach with our experience is to collaborate.  Let's work together, and they can even expand your team with some of the best lenders, inspectors, and closing attorneys in our area. 

Dear Buyers, we think this decision is really important.  It will be really special to sit in your new place and know you got a great price and the right home.  We can help with that.