Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Say What? The Truth in Our Advertising

Remember the day you passed your state exam and you couldn't wait to tell the world you were in the business? An exciting time for sure, but as you start to advertise there are rules the Commission requires us to follow. Crazy, huh? Here's a brief run down of how to keep yourself and maybe more importantly your Broker-In-Charge out of real estate jail.
Provisional Brokers in order to advertise: 
1) you will need the written consent of the ad by your broker-in-charge
2) you will need the owner's written consent when advertising properties (this is covered with this listing agreement)
3) agents may not engage in "blind advertising" meaning that they must alert the public to the fact that they are contacting a broker when they respond to an ad.  
4) the ad must contain the name of the BIC OR the company name

What else should you know about advertising?

- What's Yo Name? While you may advertise using a nickname that is related to your legal name such as Bill if you are legally William, or Cindy if your legal name is Cynthia you may not use a name unrelated such a "Bubba" Jones or "Scooter" Smith! 

- Sold! Is it Really? When is a house "sold"? When the attorney records the deed after closing. Period. Be very careful putting "Sold" riders on your signs before this time. "Under Contract" or "Sale Pending" are the way to go.

Exciting topic? Not really, but I don't think your BIC will look good in orange or black and white stripes so get with them as you create on your advertising!