Thursday, November 7, 2013

Have You Planted Your Seeds?

We love our landscaper. Each spring and fall, we know he will take the necessary steps to ensure our lawn looks it's best. Man, there is a lot of work that goes into a luscious landscape. For several days, the crew is onsite prepping the ground, killing the weeds, planting new seed and fertilizing. Then it is up to us to water it on a regular basis. 

I was so excited this past week to see the new blades of grass poking their head through the straw! All of our hard work is paying off and we are in good shape for the fall and winter months. I couldn't help but think that our landscaping process is a lot like real estate. Occasionally, you will pick up an unexpected buyer or seller, just like the unexpected blades of grass springing up in our flower bed. But the lush green grass is the area where we spent our time and energy prepping the soil, planting and then watering to help it grow.

Now is the time to prep your clients for the spring market! Are you doing what you need to do to ensure 2014 will be your best year ever? No doubt, it's a lot of hard work but there is nothing more rewarding. Who do you need to contact to begin "prepping" them for the market? Sure, you'll have a few unexpected transactions but the harvest will come as a result of your dedication and hard work.