Monday, November 4, 2013

Go Loves Bob

For the past few weeks, the question has been floating around, "Who is Bob?"  Well, to be honest, Bob is not one person.  He's a fellow we created to help some of the rock stars we've been recruiting better understand life at Go Realty.  When it comes down to making the big decision, Bob can be nervous.  Nervous about leaving the big brand, nervous about launching into real estate, and nervous about joining the crazy bunch from Go.  Remember, until he gets here, Bob hasn't experienced how great it is to run with all you incredible agents. 

We created Bob to personalize concerns that on-boarding agents may have.  About two weeks ago, I asked several members of our team to write an email to a particular Bob.  The responses were amazing, and the impact on Bob was wonderful.  It really helped Bob/him/her to make the decision to join us.  Your communications with Bob will be called on again.  Every Bob has unique questions and concerns.  We are committed to answering those with real answers from the very real agents at Go Realty.  Even if you have been at Go for a while, you've been a Bob, too.  Remember the nerves, the excitement, the scary moment of standing at the end of the diving board.  Some great new people are joining us in all offices over the next ten days.  I know I can count on you to help each Bob become part of the team.  

This week, we'll have some fun with the whole Bob campaign.  We're glad Bob is joining us, we welcome Bob, and we'll show Bob the love - every one of them - at this week's Go Show.