Friday, November 22, 2013

And Now A Word from our Big Sister

It's great to have a big sister: someone who can tell you what teachers to pick, who the bullies are, and occasionally cover your alibi with the parents.

Garman Homes is our sister company, definitely big sister.  They cut the trail into the market for a lot of what we do, and they have helped cover more than a few surprise bills.  When we get a chance to return a favor, we want to jump right on in.  Today, big sis Alaina Money, let us know of an opportunity and asked for a little help. Let's show the love: 

Hey Go Peeps...we're practically giving away one of our houses in Sunset Oaks (Holly Springs) for close by end of the year.  It's our last home in Sunset Oaks and it's on a huge lot (lots of natural space, just enough cleared backyard)...priced at $435k...reduced from $480s.  I know, for real.  Don't tell Dan.  We need to get it gone, can you help us make that happen?  It's all Pretty Committee staged and everything.  We figured if we were going to offer such a great deal we'd let our favorite agents know for one of you to bring us the ONE.  Be a hero!

Check it out,  ...and of course, let me know what you think!  If we missed something that would help us sell it faster, we're all about it.

Thanks Go peeps!!
Love, A$