Monday, October 14, 2013

How Does Your Listing Blog Feel?

The title of this post asks a strange question.  Your post can't really feel anything, but a good post will elicit an emotional response from our readers.  In recent Huddles we spent time working on our technique for blog writing.  We are all pretty clear that the world has no need for another blog that is only  a collection of the data on your listing. 

Here's an amazing video that conveys the feeling of a home very well (Go Cary agents - it's even better with the audio) :

Although this level of production is out of budget for most of our listings, let's consider the impact of this video and what we can translate to our listing blogs for our sellers.  It's critical that we tell the story. At Go, our agents are fundamentally story tellers.  It's a craft at which we will always work to get better.   As you work on your current and next listing blogs, please keep these questions in mind.  

  • What is the story of this property?  What is the theme of this property?
  • How can I impact buyer prospects emotionally with the content?
  • What is unique, quirky, fun about the property?
  • What is an important story that the sellers have shared with you?
  • What can someone find in this blog that they can’t find anywhere else?
  • What are the likely desires and goals of the buyers?  What are their “buttons”? 
  • How is my blog addressing the emotions of prospective buyers?