Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Clear is YOUR Story?

Have you ever taken an amazing trip and couldn't wait to get home and tell your friends and family about it? It is challenging to take someone where they have never been. Although crystal clear to you, it can be almost impossible for others to get the vision.

I often feel this way when I am asked, "Just what makes Go Realty different?" Wow! How could I ever articulate what makes Go, Go? For those of us on this side of the lens, we clearly see what makes it so special. It starts with our people who create a magical culture, service that goes above and beyond for our clients and a love for our community that is evident by giving back to multiple charities throughout the Triangle area. But how exactly do you share that vision with others?

The next time you are asked, before you start to wiggle in your seat and wonder how in the world you are going to clearly tell your story, take a deep breath and start the dialogue with one of our Vimeo videos. These videos are awesome! They actually make you feel like you in the midst of a Go Show, a Happy Hour or taking a stroll through one of our amazing offices.....that don't exactly feel like offices! Yep, they will definitely help you share your love for Go.

All videos are available to you by searching Vimeo, Go Realty.