Thursday, October 10, 2013

Green - One of Fall's Prettiest Colors

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons. It's awesome to feel the crisp, cool morning air and take in the beauty of the autumn landscape. We typically associate fall colors as orange, red and yellow, right? 
Have you ever thought about it being green? That's right, fall can mean less "green" from your buyers and more "green" for productive agents.

A few things to consider when talking to your buyers about today's market:

Less Buyers to Compete with
Sellers are Typically More Motivated
Prices should be Lower if Supply exceeds Demand
Less Likely to be in a Multiple Offer Situation

When the Spring Market rolls around, your buyers could be thanking you for encouraging them to pursue their purchase now..... and the extra "green" they save can be put to use in their new home!