Friday, October 4, 2013

Go Zipform!

The day has finally arrived! After many, many, many long and excruciating hours, weeks, and months, we finally got our Go Seller Agreement, Dual Agency Addendum and Go ABA into an "editable" format on Zipform. The Go Forms Committee worked very hard in making this document simple to use for you and more importantly, for your clients.

It is super easy to access, lookey here:

Step 1: Log in to Zipform Plus and click on Forms
Step 2: Click on the "Select Library" drop down button
Step 3: Select "Go Realty dba Go Cary"
Step 4: Get to selling!

Once we have this document rockin' and rollin' and any kinks ironed out, we will launch the Go Buyer Agreement as well. So have fun using the Go Seller Agreement and please be sure to Yammer your success!

#corebeliefs #simplicity #beingbetter