Thursday, October 3, 2013

Get Your Parade On!

Both the Durham-Orange-Chatham and Wake Home Builders Associations launch their premiere marketing events this weekend, The Parade of Homes.  

You will be wise to take advantage of all the publicity surrounding the events.  Get out this weekend, get your blog material and lots of photos.  Instagram, Facebook check in, and post a blog about the impact.  Use your LinkedIn account to promote your blog, and heck yeah!, you should Tweet about it.  We think some of you can even create content for Pinterest while you're at it. 

Be sure to download the app for your phone with all the details and share that app with your peeps. 

Notify your sphere about the event, invite them to see a relevant parade home with you, create a meet up at some $1 zillion dollar property, and use this parade to toot your own horn.