Friday, September 27, 2013

Musical Chairs at Go Cary!

We've got lots of chairs and we've got lots of bodies hanging out at our place. This always makes for tons of fun, lots of laughs, and some random Pandora tunes playing through all 8 speakers.

We totally understand that sometimes you need to spend some alone-time or quiet-time in the conference rooms so we have set up a calendar for each room so you can check to see if they are available for you to use.

You can view the calendars on your Google Calendar and they are called Go Con #1 and #2 (Go Con # 1 is the glass conference room). If you would like to reserve one of the conference rooms, please email Lisa or Double O Yono to make your reservations.

Just a friendly reminder that you are MORE than welcome to hang out in the con rooms but if someone shows up with a reservation, you will have to move it along :)

Now...if two people want the conference room at the same time...we will hit it Go Classic style with a dance off!