Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Go believes in our team...and in magic!

We have two members of our Go Realty family who are trying to pull off something magical.  As you know, JG and Zach are neck deep in developing GoConnect, one of the best apps for real estate agents.  Period.  

I love watching our team rally around them. I love how you encourage and support them.  I cannot wait to see how GoConnect will help you run your own business.  No longer will Jill have to write notes on her arm.  Brandon will be free from his fifty-pound sack of files.  Brenna can cut back to two glamor bags instead of three.  Imagine being able to operate on the go so you can achieve efficiency in your business and your life.  

This one app could help you achieve the work/life balance for which you strive … and it is being born right here. You’re already sitting in the waiting room.  That baby will be out soon!

What started out as a lofty goal of being an alternative to Top Producer, could become one of the most ubiquitous tools we see in the real estate world. It will be everywhere, too ;)