Friday, August 30, 2013

The Joys of Real Estate

Here on Go Unplugged, you have hear a lot about the joys of helping our clients find that prefect home or helping them get through a home sale smoothly.  But today I got to see the joy of a brand new, just licensed real estate agent.

In June, the Go family embarked on a new adventure...helping people start a real estate career.  Our first Go School pre-licensing class started on June 17 with 10 students.  Today, one of those students walked through the Go doors full of excitement, as she starts her new real estate career.  You could tell right away that this new career is going to bring her much joy and in turn bring joy to all her future clients.  

Here at Go, we are blessed to be apart of so many lives. It’s a huge responsibility helping people with one of the largest investment of their lives, whether it’s buying/selling a home or teaching them a new career.  But, we are ready, willing and able!