Friday, August 23, 2013

G090x - Let's Get Going!

So your summer was a blast, most of your listings sold in a week, and your recent closings got you all caught up on the finances.  But wait, maybe you forgot something.  While you were enjoying the travels of vacations and the closings that contracted in the Spring, maybe your prospecting activities were pushed to the side?  

If the Autumn pipeline is looking a bit thin, okay, maybe even dry, then pay attention.  We are about to fix that problem.  Tuesday, Sept. 3rd - we launch a new round of Go90x.  If you need to get your prospecting in the groove, please plan to join in for a month of sweat, effort, and get 'er done.  You have the opportunity to join several new agents who will work through the program that month.  They will participate in  daily training that is optional for you, and we will all work and report together on our prospecting activities.  

Listen up in next week's Huddles and upcoming blog posts for the details, but mark the start date down, Sept. 3rd at Go Durham.  If you're in, please email your office Angel to register.  We'll build our list and get the work books ready.  Bring it!