Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flex Those Muscles!

Are You Strong Enough for Today's Real Estate Market?

Summer is over, vacation is done and the kids have started back to school. Chances are, you find yourself in a bit of a slump. Well, slump no more! Go90x to the rescue. Join us for the next round of training beginning Tuesday, September 3rd. 

Here are some thoughts from our most recent agents completing the course........

"I remember what I went through when I first got into real estate and joined one of the big firms in town and what their training program was like. We sat in a stuffy classroom space from 9-5 for 2 weeks straight and were basically shown everything the firm offered. There was actually very little real life real estate references that I found useful. So, I was very happy with what Go90x New Agent Addition had to offer. Each day myself and another new agent to Go would meet with our Broker-in-Charge to discuss our daily activities and our goals for the day. The great thing about this program is that while we were learning all the necessary contracts and documents, we were putting ourselves out there right off the bat. We learned how to reach our sphere, social media avenues, buyer consultations, comparative market analysis and more. This is exactly what makes Go Realty different. They push you to be a different kind of agent in this day and age of social media and computer technology."   
- Michael Newport                                                                                                        

"We started on April Fool's Day and there were times throughout the month that I felt the joke was on me. But without reservation I can say my experience with this business building program has been fruitful, encouraging and growth producing. Karen did a great job in tailoring this program to stretch us and help us to start becoming more comfortable with the daily and weekly skills to succeed in real estate. I readily admit there were times when I felt my head would burst from the new computer programs and networking channels I have been learning. But along with all of the new practical knowledge, the desire to do well by my clients has been fostered and reinforced. I'm very hopeful that Go90x has set me up to be my springboard for serving my clients abundantly in the coming months and years."      
-Nicolle Mercer