Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where's that File?

Some of you have lived in the area long enough to remember that our communities used to be very different places.  Back when the Toot-n-Tell-It was the only place for breakfast in Garner, Southpoint was hunting land, being in Holly Springs meant you were probably lost, and Kildaire Farm Road was well, a farm.   Back then some of today's busiest intersections were served by a simple stop sign.  As population and traffic grew, stop lights were added to the once sleepy intersections.  

We are experiencing parallel growth at Go.  Starting with one office and just a few agents, it was easy and simple to cross the office intersection and grab your transaction files.  Fortunately, we have had no sneaky stuff happening with our files, but as we grow, managing the files remains very important and will require new steps.  

We recently put all office files under lock at Go Cary, and we will take similar steps at the other Go offices soon.  This step is to insure that Angels always know where client files are and that we protect information that is confidential to clients, particularly when we are working in dual agency. It's an important step as we approach 4 digits in our an annual transaction count.  If you need one of the office files, just see your Angel during business hours, and they will be glad to get the file for you.  Each Team Leader will cover the nuances specific to your location. 

It's important that each agent keep a working file to access during steps to closing.  You can use Google Drive, Dropbox, or go the route of paper files for your working copies.  We do scan the complete office file to cloud storage after closing, and your Angel can supply you with needed elements after closing.  

Thanks for your transition as we move from a small town sign to a big city light.  We're thankful for the extra traffic and all the deals you are putting together as we change how real estate is done in the Triangle.