Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On The Way To Africa

On the way out of the office today, Lisa handed me a beautiful stack of cards for me to read while on my trip to Uganda.  What an incredibly beautiful gesture from many of you to encourage me on my trip.  Likewise, I will linger over the hugs and good wishes that you spoke to me today around the Go Show.  What a cool place to work!  You all are sending your magic all the way to Gulu, Uganda.  I will tell a story or two of Go while I am there and long to be back home with you as I do.  

One of the things that first impressed me about our company when I considered joining was the name: Go - a verb, an action, something to do!  Interestingly, "Go" is also the imperative of the great commission of my faith.  That wasn't lost on me when I decided to join the team a few years back.  Go - thank you for helping me to do just that.  I serve an awesome God, and it is so exciting to follow to the places he leads me.  

I appreciate you being a team who creates the space for me to take this kind of trip, to explore an area outside of my professional life, and to take such an extended time away from work.  This would not be possible in many other companies, not only because of policy but because of performance.  You all are such a mature bunch that I have no worries about what will happen while I am gone.  I won't be surprised to return and find you succeeding in a whole new way and changing our world right here in the Triangle. 

Some of you have asked, so I will quickly share a few details.  I am traveling to a place desperate for healing and hope.  Northern Uganda is a region where humanity has demonstrated its worst capabilities. Remember Idi Amin?  He's from there.  Joseph Kony?  I'll be on his former turf.  I will be among people who have known violence to their families, child abduction and warfare, homelessness, and abuses that are painful to name.  But hope overcomes.  I will simply make a very small contribution to an organization that has spent decades making an enormous difference.  There's a great web site and video to give you details on the mission if you care to find out more, just click here.   Specifically, I will work on a team to build small, simple homes for orphans and the women who have become their mothers.  They live in groups of eight children and one mother to recreate a family unit.  I know that God will change me from the experience, and I am so privileged to share this journey with one of my sons, Grant.  

As I chase a great adventure in my life, I encourage you to keep yours in mind, too.  There is something enormous for you to do, somewhere exciting for you to go, and someone even more incredible to become.  All the best while I am gone, keep rocking the market, and I look forward to coming back to you toward the end of July.  

- Kevin