Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Hour! Smile for The Camera

Happy Hour's coming!  Friday, August 2nd at Go Cary, 4 -6 pm, (yeah, that's this Friday!)  It's time to shake the summer pollen off your prospecting activities and get busy making contacts.  Let's work to have a massive turnout for the event.  As an extra feature, Hayes House Productions will be there to film the event as part of our upcoming Go Video Series.  

Speaking of Happy Hours, we will expand the line up starting in September.  For the final four months of 2013, we will have multiple Happy Hours on the first Fridays of each month. With four great offices and all our great team members, why limit the event to one location?  

Remember that first and foremost, Happy Hour is a way to say thank you to our clients, customers, and prospects.  Keep the focus on this group of invitees. 

Happy Hour can help you build your business in several ways:  

It's an opportunity to get on the phone and personally invite people to attend.  Remember that famous saying, "Why do people come to Happy Hour?  Because we ASK them!"  Make your invitation personal and memorable. Get in touch with your contacts this week and see what happens. 

Celebrate your success: HH is a great way to invite clients and co-brokering agents to celebrate the success of your recent closings.   

Material for your blog post and other social media: Share a photo from HH past and remind people what a good time we have.  This applies after HH, too. Be sure to take a few pictures with your contacts to highlight them on your posts following the event.  

Make people feel special:  Let them know that we are hosting Happy Hour for THEM!  We want to catch up, understand what's going on, and learn how we can help.  

Get busy today and we'll build a great event for this Friday.  See you then.