Friday, June 28, 2013

Leader of the Pack

Did you know that more dogs get lost on July 4th then any other day of the year?

According to Cesar Millan, the sounds of fireworks; the artificial squeal followed by the large burst of explosives, drives dogs nuts.  Dog experience the world mostly with their ears and nose, so combine the sounds of fireworks with the burnt smell and in many dogs it tigers their innate flight instinct. This year July 4th lands on a Thursday, so the firework celebration will continue through the weekend, putting dogs on edge for several days. 

As a Real Estate agent, reach out to your clients whose house is on the market and have dogs. Imagine, the stress of fireworks combine with strangers in and out of their home. Remind them to secure their dogs in a safe environment during the firework show and during showings.  Dog crates are always a good option, making dogs feel safe and secure like their den.  Make sure collars are tight enough not to slip over the dogs head or use a body harness.

Be a good Pack Leader and keep your pack family safe and let's remind other Pack Leaders to do the same!