Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Hour, Friday, June 7th

June 7th is a big day, just consider these huge events from June 7th past:

1996: Julia and Noah wed on "All My Children"
1994: A's outfielder Rickey Henderson steals his 1,100th career base
1993: Cleveland breaks ground for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1982: President Reagan meets Pope John Paul II and Queen Elizabeth
1975: "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," by John Denver hits #1
1775: United Colonies change name to United States 

With all that good mojo going for us, this Friday's Happy Hour (June 7th of course) is going to be awesome!  A few items to highlight:

  • We'll be filming!  As part of the big summer movie effort, Go Productions will be at work to capture footage from the event.  
  • Location: We'll be on site at Go Cary.  
  • Celebrity Guest?:  We're not confirmed, but rumor has it that TobyTheIntern may make his debut. Bring your autograph book.
  • Sponsors: OnQ Financial (Thank you, Davis Orebaugh)  and McCullers and Whitaker (Thank you, Chris Mann) will provide beer and grub.  
  • New stuff at Go Cary: Haven't seen the reclaimed barn wood?  Want to see the new tables?  All the flat screens working in glorious splendor? Bonus points if you can identify what's different about the window seats.
What we need?  - You cranking out the phone calls. Let's get 100+ people here to rock it out, starting at 4 pm.  

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