Sunday, June 9, 2013

Being Memorable: What Does that Mean for You?

Being memorable can mean a lot of things in real estate. It can mean that you went the extra mile to make a client's move less stressful or that you followed up with an special closing gift that they will cherish forever.

If you are new or getting back into the business you may be wondering what you can do to be memorable to the sphere you are trying to reach.

First it's important that you ask yourself exactly who you want to target. Yes, we'll take 'most' deals that come our way, but if you are going to spend time and money chasing business, be sure it's business you really want.

There are many niches that you could focus on. Did you know, the new term for niche is "micro-specialization". Sounds fancy, right? It's still the same gig... (Related Article:

Are you into horses? Maybe farms or properties with acreage could be your specialty. After all who knows what a horse lover needs more than a horse lover? Or, if you enjoy working with seniors make yourself stand out by getting the SRES designation. It will give you another level of credibility. 

If you want to focus geographically and dominate a neighborhood in your area you may want to become the pseudo 'social committee' for that community. Throw a cook out one weekend. Offer to put on an Easter egg hunt or stop by the pool with ice cream sandwiches. I guarantee they won't forget you!

It's not about spending a bunch of money, it's about being visible and available to those you are trying to make notice you. Don't pass up any opportunities to volunteer in clubs or associations where your target audience hangs out. A little face time goes a long way!

What ideas do you have or what things have you done in the past that made you stand out?