Monday, May 20, 2013

Culture Book 2014

One of the most talked about items of our company is one that we use every week, but it only comes on your radar once each year.  It's our way of telling the local community about all that's unique and wonderful about the people and work of Go.  I often get comments from outside contacts about how meaningful the Culture Book is.  It makes a really big impact.

It's that time of year to be working on the next edition.  We publish our next Culture Book this summer.  It's your chance to tell the world what you think about Go Realty: your experiences, your likes, and your thoughts on our beliefs.  Before you get all agitated about writing something complicated, take a deep breath.  Now let it go.  Everything's going to be just fine.  

To increase the topics covered and the variety of material, this year we have a series of questions for you to consider.  You don't even have to answer all of them!  There are questions related to each of our core beliefs.  There are also questions related to Go90x, Coaching, Go Apple, and questions for agents who have joined us in the last 12 months.  We ask that you pick three questions that interest you and submit your paragraph-ish post to your office Angel by Friday, June 14th.  

Your questions are available in your Google Drive.  Just search for "Culture Book 2014" and you can submit your post to your office Angel by email, in Pages, or as a Google document.