Sunday, February 3, 2013

The New Go Cary

Thanks to fine planning and execution by Lisa, Jim, Kari, and Bayne, we are up and running at the new Go Cary office.  Screeeeeeeeccccchhhh those tires, though.  The Go Penthouse is functional: you can print, scan, and work the Internet. There are places to sit.  We can even rock the music - all the basics are in place.   

However, we do have more to do.  Over the next few weeks, prepare to work alongside the carpenters and painters.  Trim work, touch up and the delivery of a few more pieces of furniture are all in the works.  Big screens are undergoing set up and may be "interesting" this week.  Oh yeah, master mind JG is still inventing a few new perks for the place ... phone booths, anyone? 

Some important aspects for this week: 

  • No fridge - we have a fancy new one on order that can't wait to hold your stuff.  
  • Keys - see Lisa or Kari to get yours. 
  • Bathrooms - they work, boys and girls editions - nice! 
  • Go Show - everybody on Tuesday, it'll be fun! 
  • Wednesday morning - please stay out if you can; we have our final set of inspections (long story). 
  • Closings this week? : be sure to schedule with Lisa or Kari for the conference room calendar.  We currently have one conference room furnished and ready to go.
We look forward to your visit this week!