Monday, February 11, 2013

Stalking on Social Media Without Getting a Restraining Order!

Your goal is to build relationships, not have people unfriend you.

Start with Linked In.  It’s a great way to connect without getting too personal too soon.
Use endorsements and have to give to get!
Make a plan to give one testimonial an month.

Next step, connect on Twitter.  Follow them, retweet their post and of course, mention them directly in a tweet.

Twitter Tip: Put your contacts on list by using the list feature. (Clients, Potential Clients, Etc.)  That way, in one glance you can see what those contacts are up to without weeding through your Twitter feed. Look at those list daily and authentically engage.

Finally, it’s now time to “Friend Request” on Facebook. I mentioned this in my last blog, but it bears repeating....Watch for clues about your clients and potential clients and send notes about events in their lives.

Facebook Tip: You can also create list on Facebook and they are private, so only you can see who is on the list.  Great way to sort through the noise and just see what is going on the your client sphere.  And just like Twitter, check it daily and authentically engage.

Happy Stalking....I mean, Relationship Building!