Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ready, Set, Go90x 2013

We are at the start line to a month of growing your business like never before.  You've got your workbook in hand, the videos are loading up, and Monday we'll take on the world. Think brand new iPad - I can smell the cellophane pealing off that beautiful white box.   A few tips to help you make your best start: 
  • Review your Commitment Sheet  - it serves as a check list on what accounts and tools you need to have in place. 
  • LinkedIn - it's particularly important that you have loaded your profile and that you have started to build your network.  Consider downloading the app to your phone or tablet.
  • 8x8:  Have your steps in writing to review with your trainer this week.  Get ideas from your partner, office mates, and Yammer. 
  • Database: have your numbers and e-mails in good order. You're going to work them. 
Week 1:

Monday Morning:  We will have a Yammer Post early Monday morning directing you to the daily video page.  Each day you can watch your Core, Stretch, Focus, and Cool Down videos to get the details on your assignments.   In addition, each morning (early) on Yammer, you will find a video post from either Karen or Kevin with a special twist to one of the day's activities.  On Tuesday, we'll show you how to bookmark to your phone the daily video site

Work That Workbook: Write it down, write it down, write it down.  Just like high school math, you benefit from showing your work.  Your trainer's gonna check. 

Check Ins:  Twice a week, every week with your trainer (that's Karen or Kevin).  It's your responsibility to find and schedule your 5-10 minute check ins during business hours, M-F. Holla Agents - Kevin will have a Fast Pass for you on Tuesdays following the Go Show; he'll be in the Holla on Thursday mornings.  P.S. Go Durham agents, I love you, but I ain't doing your check ins. 

Slacker Version: (note the tone of voice) Your job is to complete the daily Core workout and choose one of the remaining components that best fits your goals and schedule for the day. 

Teacher's Pet Version:  you're doing everything and delivering an apple or two to your trainer. 

Alright, get your head band fitting right, limber up and  lace 'em up; it's time to Go90x.