Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finish Line Go90x

Those of us participating in Go90x are breathing hard from all the effort this month; those of you who have been observing are probably tired of hearing about it.  Regardless of your status, we finish the 2013 edition this weekend.  A few points of observation:

  • Prospecting Work is the Heart of Our Business:  skills in contracts, negotiations, and customer service are all critical, but without prospecting to produce new clients, those skills don't matter. If you want to succeed in our industry, prospecting is always the essential activity.  
  • Prospecting Work is Hard Work:  daily preparation of our attitudes, consistent effort over time, a willingness to work through rejections, and building our energy all take significant effort in our professional and personal lives.  
  • Prospecting Work is Rewarding:  when consistent effort takes place, results arrive.  And those results are awesome - helping families; operating in our skills, gifts and training; and creating paydays - are all are great payoffs.  Rabbi Daniel Lapin says, "Profit is proof that you have served one of God's children."  

As we hit the finish line this weekend, let's all take time to acknowledge those who have run the Go90x race from start to finish. Tell somebody, "congratulations." These agents have earned our respect and admiration, and we are incredibly proud to have a company with agents who prospect and serve with this level of intensity.  Those of you hitting the finish line, we salute you!