Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dual Agency Review

Dual or designated?  Which line is the client supposed to initial?  When are we supposed to bring in the BIC on this situation?  All are important questions to answer with clients in regard to how we represent them in their upcoming real estate transaction.

Not 100% confident in your answers or your understanding of dual agency?  It's okay, you can raise your hand.  We are asking ALL Go agents to attend one of the upcoming refresher courses on Dual Agency led by the one and only Go Professor, Chris Barnette.  

With our soon-to-change-the-world new listing agreement, you'll need to be sharp on your dual agency skills and prepared to cover our addendum with clients and prospects. We will take attendance, so be prepared to endure endless hounding on Yammer if you miss all three sessions. In thirty minutes Chris will make it fun, informative, and you'll be sharper than your competitors. Here are your upcoming opportunities:

Go Holly Springs - Thursday, March 7 @10am
Go Cary - Tuesday, March 12th @11:30am
Go Durham - Wednesday, March 13th @1pm