Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Change for Go Holly Springs

We don't like to deliver big news over the weekend, but this is an announcement that merits attention right away.  Michelle Meyer has made a big career decision: She is leaving Go Realty to join Coldwell Banker Advantage.  Michelle is one of the founding members of our firm, one of the very first to sign on in late 2009.  She has been an invaluable part of creating and supporting our unique way of business.  As Team Leader for Go Holly Springs, she has contributed to the success of all our agents there.  We are grateful for all that she has done  to help us establish our presence in Holly Springs.  On top of these contributions, she is one of the most beautiful people we know.  We will miss you, Michelle, and we thank you for helping us all grow and succeed.  We're thankful for a season in your path. 

Michelle joins her new firm with unique opportunities in front of her, and we wish her great success as she opens the next chapter of her professional career.  We are sad to see her move, but glad that we remain friends. We will continue to work with her in the market.  Michelle's email account remains active through next week so you can reach her there as well as more personal connections.  

Another change that needs communicating:  Chris Barnette will become the new Broker-in-Charge for Go Holly Springs.  Although vary different from his reasons for joining Go, he is willing to step into this position while we continue to grow the team in Holly Springs to support full time leadership.   Chris will focus his efforts on the Go School, and he will remain as the BIC of our newly founded referral company, Go Connect. (Yep, one can serve as BIC of two firms as long as they are officially located at the same address.)  Kevin will continue his role in coaching the agents in the Holla, Chris will hold the formal role as BIC, and Cathy will handle all things admin.  Full speed ahead, Holly Springs.  Bon Voyage, Michelle.