Thursday, January 31, 2013

What If It Wasn't General Brokerage?

Throughout my tenure in the industry, the practice of selling homes and land has been referred to as "general brokerage." It's a term used to cover the very broad spectrum of locations, property types, and services that are part of real estate sales.  From a client perspective, I don't think there is a lot of enthusiasm for general brokerage.  After all, from the consumer's side, there is only one property that really matters: theirs. 

So what if it wasn't general brokerage?  What if the agents of Go Realty chose only to engage in specific brokerage?   Our goal becomes to make every client and every transaction unique to the objectives of the ones we serve.  Let's turn our attention to making our actions and services specific and precise.  We can understand the beauty of that lovely color in the baby's nursery, the true value of the deck that the sellers built with their own hands last summer, and why  it is so important to be in this school district.  Specific understanding leads to specific services. 

This year we journey to go deeper than ever before to understand and improve our customer's experience.  Our 8 core beliefs are fundamental to our success for those we serve.  One of those beliefs, "We believe in our clients," can't be just a statement, it's got to be a practice.  Let's turn our attention to the client at hand and make sure that we know and respond to the very specific issues of their transaction and transition.