Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Put to the Test

verb( beta-test ) [ with obj. ]
subject (a product) to such a test.

A new year often brings change or the hopes of change for many. At Go if something isn't changing, we are not doing our best.

So beginning this month, we are beta-testing a few new things that we are beyond excited about.

1. Listing Agreement: We can't stand all the legalese the creates such a burdensome transaction. Dave Thomas, Christine Danko, Dona Aguayo, Zach Schabot, Jill Booth, Cassondra Liles, and Jim Ellis will be weighing in on this document. 
2. Buyer Agreement: Same reason as #1. Jenn Cole, Brandon White, Kari Hagan, Toni and Tom Kemble, and Tony Miller are going to lend their expertise to this document.

3. Direct Deposit: After all, who doesn't want to get paid faster? Stacie Dye, Christine Danko, Karen Barbour, Cassondra Liles, and Jenn Cole make up this fine team.

Our goal is to improve both our client and agent experience and we think these items are a perfect way to start! 

Check back often to see what we discover!