Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's Go and get Connected!

Go Realty is launching a referral division called Go Connect. Go Connect will offer agents who currently have an inactive license the opportunity to activate their license and participate in referral transactions.

Here’s how it works.  For an agent who has been inactive for lack of a broker in charge and/or because they do not want to pay MLS and Realtor dues, will have the opportunity to reactivate his/her license with Go Connect.  Go Connect provides the BIC but is not affiliated with the MLS, so agents have no obligation for those dues.  Once an agent is active, he/she can refer a potential buyer or seller and receive referral compensation at closing.

Think of the possibilities.  Every agent has a network and a “book of business” and even though these agents cannot provide brokerage services, they can still providing a great service to friends, family, and past clients by referring them to a competent, caring agent.  Otherwise buyers and seller revert to the internet to find an agent who looks like the best fit but often times is not.  Go Connect agents will provide a more thoughtful and personal introductions to hand-selected agents.  

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