Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be Impressive ... After Closing

It's easy to create great service when there's a paycheck to be earned.  But what about after we've already cashed it?  Service is still critical to the client and to each of our agents.  Doing great things that are not expected is a key element to earning referrals.  More importantly, following up after the sale is just the right thing to do.  

One specific area of service is checking on our clients within thirty days after closing.  The boxes have started to clear, some normalcy is developing, and there's no panic of an upcoming closing.  Here are some key questions to ask on your way to very important answers.  Use a phone call or an email to inquire.  If you're really transparent, be bold enough to ask on Facebook.  

  • How would you rate your experience 1-10
  • What’s one thing we could have done better?
  • What do you remember most about our work together?
  • Who is someone else that could use my help?
    • How can I help you with your transition now? 

    • We may find there's more work to do, an issue to resolve, or an outcome to chase. You won't get paid any more, but solving these problems for clients will get you remembered. And referred.