Monday, January 21, 2013


I know some of you think you can get away without using social media, but in this day and online age, you can't.

Here are a few tip to help you get started strong and stay strong in 2013.

Remember this word...Content!  Content is king.  Keep a list of your top 10 sources for great information.  Local chambers of commerce, HGTV or other agent blogs are perfect resources for content ideas.  Share your content with a photo, they always grab attention.

Think beyond today!  Think about what you are going to share for the next 3-5 days. What's your theme for the week? It's OK to use a scheduling tool occasionally for Facebook and blogs but not for Twitter.  Twitter is for the here and now, so make a slot in your schedule to be online and live with Twitter.  Content and consistency will bring results.

Find out who is talking about you.  This will give you an idea of what content that is getting noticed.
Check out the following sites.

Make social media just part of what you do everyday!