Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 GOals

Okay, we beat that 2012 goal into submission and finished last year way over the goal with 82 million in sales. WOW!  2013 is underway and we're already running hard.  We are clear and focused on our personal sales goals.  Now it's time to get specific about what we want to do as offices.  As you heard at this morning's Go Show, we want to help even more people with their transactions this year.  Here are the targets we have for each team in the Go family: 

Go Cary                     57 million, 236 units
Go Durham               50 million,  226 units
Go Garner                 33 million,  165 units
Go Holly Springs     21 million, 112 units

Go Total:                  161 million, 739 units