Friday, December 28, 2012

Updated ABA

You can locate this document in your Google Docs/Drive by simply searching ABA and viola!

Some of you who are subscribed to this blog may not know what the purpose of our ABA is, so let me break it down for you...

Our agents share this document with their clients to let them know two things:
  1. Go Realty has a marketing agreement in place with Davis Orebaugh with On Q Financial and Charles Puryear with NFM Lending. Davis and Charles provide a friendly, engaging, fun, and informative environment - one that aligns with our Go Culture and we are proud to be affiliated with them, and we want everyone to know! 
  2. We also wish to disclose that the ownership of Garman Homes is af´Čüliated with the ownership of Go Realty. We can represent you as a buyer agency in the purchase of a Garman Home, but we thought you should know about the connection between our two companies. Above board, that’s how we like to roll.
And there you have it! Plain and simple.