Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Days are Better Than Others

"Remember this day ..." said Jim Garman in the first agent meeting with the Durham team at their new office last Tuesday.  It was good to mark in our minds a day that was in the making for almost two years.  Somewhere down the road, those agents will be able to say, "I was there when we opened the doors." 

Speaking of door opening, the Go Holly Springs agents and Go Cary agents were breaking down the gates to get in (yes, you, Jenn Cole, fogging up the window).  I loved seeing the support from all our teams to celebrate Go Durham's day.  Thank you all for coming out, especially from the Holla. 

Karen Roberts brought a beautiful level of emotion to our first Go Show. This was a day long in the making for her, even before her arrival at Go.  It was special to see her reach a monumental professional goal. 

To the agents and Angel who are Go Durham, we say thank you.  You waited a long time in a small space and believed in the dream.  There is so much magic and success in front of you now because of the foundation you've built.  Big things can come from tiny places. 

We will remember that first Tuesday in December to open Go Durham. It was a big marker for us, but by no means the last.  Glad each of us can say, "I was a part of it."