Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today one of the millions of emails you received this year found its way to your inbox.  It was a pretty special one.  Along with some rhyme from DJ Lisa, the boxscore hit your account.  If you had a recent closing, I bet you checked to see it posted, right?  We all like to see our pin ball score light up.  

Down at the bottom was something special for every one of us. The number was a big one: 75,369,366.   That number, $75.3 million, is our sales volume for the year to date. 

Last January, we set a team goal of 75.1 million for this year.  At the time it seemed ridiculous.  Egg-on-your-face ridiculous.  Well, here we are with two more weeks of closings in front of us, and it looks like we will flirt with 80 million in sales for 2012.  One tiny company, started in the middle of the great recession by a bunch of dreamers.  It's pretty special.  Take a minute, and find today's box score e-mail.  Put it in your memorable file, and reflect on the power of our team work. 

Congratulations to the entire team, from Go Tiny to the Holla to GoJoCo to the mother ship, your performance this year has been remarkable.  Goal!