Monday, December 17, 2012

Go Durham Has Arrived!!!!

WOW!  The past two weeks have been everything I hoped it would be!  Moving into our new Go Durham HOME has been one of the busiest and most rewarding times during my six months working for Go Realty.

After much scurrying about, our doors opened on Tuesday, December 4 for the world to see.  Go Durham hosted its very first Go Show on that day with lots of Go Realty agents present for the unveiling.

Three days later the Go Durham Grand Opening would become a very well attended gathering for 140 real estate friends, clients, and community leaders.  The event was catered by Blu Seafood and Bar.  The food prepared by owner and chef Tim Lyons was off the charts awesome.  This elegant affair was perfect--thanks to Tim and his staff!

On Tuesday, December 11 Go Durham hosted a CE Update with 14 attendees, three of which were from another firm.  Our new space was comfy and cozy for everyone!!!

And last but not least, Go Durham rounded out its first two weeks with an Apple Summit and happy hour on Thursday, December 13.  Again, the comfy, cozy Go Durham atmosphere made for an awesome learning experience by many attendees.

So, can you believe it......four events within the first two weeks of being open!  I am so happy to be Home Sweet Home and look forward to hosting many more events.  I love seeing the Go Durham agents getting acclimated and eager to get down to business in such a wonderful environment.  It only gets better from here!!!