Saturday, December 1, 2012

And So It Begins...

We've got The Seven Wonders of the World, The Ten Commandments, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and now the 17 Days of Instagram!!

Each day for the next 17 days, Cathy will share a Instagram tip or trick with you via Yammer. We hope you pay close attention and take advantage of what the girl has to tell you anput those new found skills to work.

And just to see how much you have learned - and because we think it will be hilarious - your Angels  decided to have an Instagram throw down.

Here's whatchya got to do:

Send your office Angel 5-7 creative, fun, organic, silly or straight up crazy (no nudity Jim Ellis) Instagram shots. We will have a very special guest judge who will determine the winner. The winner will be APP-solutely thrilled with the prize, no doubt about it!