Friday, November 16, 2012

Angel's Are Riding The "Go Gives Back" Train!

Yes, Angels are giving back!  Go will match $25 per month from our Angel salary to a charity of our choosing--that's $150 per quarter!!!

On May 13, 2011 I lost my best friend in the whole wide world.  Her name was Sweetie Georgia Brown "Sweetie" and she had been my companion and friend for almost 16 years.  At a whopping 10 pounds, Sweetie was always in charge--whether it be protecting the house from all the "mean" dogs in the neighborhood or taking ownership of every single blanket in the house!  She never complained when I had her nails painted hot pink for the summer or red for Christmas.  And she was the most adorable Little Red Riding Hood!

My charity is AnimalKind.  Among other things, AnimalKind offers the $20 Fix for low income families to have their pet spayed or neutered.  I picked this charity in honor of Sweetie's vet., Dr. Dishman at Tyson Animal Hospital in Durham.  She not only has a heart for pets as big as the earth but she also has compassion for their owners even if they are in need of financial assistance.

Once when Sweetie had many "expensive" issues to attend to, my husband and I took her to Dr. D to see what to do.  I wrote a dollar amount on a piece of paper and put it on the exam table.  I looked at Dr. D and said, "this is what we can afford for now, please do what you think is most important."  It turned out that the most important thing was getting Sweetie's teeth cleaned and with that came a lot of other expenses like extractions and light surgery.  I went to pick Sweetie up after her procedures and the charges were just shy of what my husband and I said we could afford.  At first I thought, how lucky are we.......and then as I looked at the itemized statement, many line items said "NO CHARGE!"  Dr. D even donated medicine that another pet owner no longer needed.

As soon as I found out Go would match my money for a charity, I thought of Dr. Dishman.  I called her and asked if she had a specific cause that needed help.  She did, and it was AnimalKind.  Dr. D is one of many vets who spays and neuters pets at her own expense in hopes to end shelter overpopulation in the Triangle.

I am so grateful to Go for this opportunity and so happy to finally "give back."

Sweetiegirl, I promised I would do something for Dr. D for taking such good care of you!  Be a good girl.........I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge.