Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where Ya Headed????

Over the next couple of months you will be asked to decide on your 2013 Goals!  As we close out 2012 there are 5 key things you'll want to do to set yourself up for an INCREDIBLE 2013!

~  Figure out where your 2012 business came from & log it somewhere
    ex. McClure - $225,000 Referral from Agent (Buyer)
          Smith - $322,000 Referral from Past Client (Seller)
    By the time you track the year you will have a clear picture of what is the best use of your time
    & money!

~ Review your 2012 Goals with your Coach!  Did you achieve them, surpass them, fall short?
   You can't map out your future if you don't know where you've been.  Remember, at Go we want
    you to not only set business goals (income, volume, etc.) but also Family goals & Personal goals as
    well.  We all want are at your BEST when you have it!

~ Set your 2013 Goals!  These should be big enough to intimidate you a little & excite the hell out of
   you A LOT!

~ Determine your Prospecting/Marketing Plan for 2013!
    ex. Blogging, Mailings, Open Houses, Pop Bys, Networking Groups, etc.
    Map out the entire can always revise it along the fact you should!  What do
    you want to do each month?  Don't wait for Go90X to tell you what to do.....take control of your
    business now!

~ Determine your Financial Budget for 2013!  Those prospecting activities are going to cost you either
    time or money.  Factor in everything & again, break it down monthly. (Balloons for Open
    Houses, Postage for mailings, items for Pop Bys, Christmas Gifts, etc.)

Always think in terms of 90 day cycles.....what you do now you will see the results for in 90 days!  This is extremely important once Thanksgiving hits!  We will all get busy with extra activities/commitments in our lives the last 5 weeks of the year.  How you handle those 5 weeks will set up your Spring income!  LET'S BLOW OUT 2013 & turn some heads next year!