Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Does Sandy Affect Us?

We've all been mesmerized by the pictures coming out of New Jersey & New York in the last 36 hours.  I feel like I've been watching a Hollywood movie & am so saddened by the loss our fellow Americans are experiencing.  It seems so surreal & I find myself wondering how my family would react in a situation like this.

Times like this is when you want to help but aren't really sure what you as one person can do.  Will it make a difference?  To the person who can't clothe their children any more, they would say 1 shirt does make a difference.  To the dog who hasn't eaten in days, he would say a bag of dog food does make a difference.

Our individual problems seem ridiculous when we think about the road these families have in front of them for months to come.  If you'd like to help, contact your local Red Cross.  They are instrumental in mobilizing relief efforts & will welcome any & all donations of items &/or money.

As you know, the Triangle area has always been a "go to" location for people in the NE due to the difference in cost of living, etc.  It is very likely that some families will take this opportunity to move & rebuild in our area.  As Realtors, what a great opportunity we will have to extend our hand to help.