Saturday, September 1, 2012

WOW-ing Clients with Your iPad!

For the very first time, GoodLife Team iPad Guru Garry Wise and a special guest demonstrate how GoodLife Team uses the iPad AFTER the contract to manage documents.  

Cartavi CEO and Founder Glenn Shimkus joins Garry to show why the GoodLife Team uses the Cartavi app for iPad. 

This makes document management so much easier you'll consider switching to iPad immediately, if you haven't already!

Join us in the conference room at Go Cary on Tuesday 9/4 @ 1pm. Click on the link below to register. Kevin and I hope to see you there!
WOW-ing Clients with Your iPad!
by RETechnology, Garry Wise & Glenn Shimkus
Tuesday, September 4th @ 1:00pm