Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Greatest Compliment......

10 years ago my best friend of 18 years moved to Colorado because of her husband's job.  She had always been a "stay at home Mom to her 4 boys."  In order to have some quality alone time with one of her middle sons she decided she would take up Tae Kwon Do with him.  She was overweight, out of shape & almost 42!

Fast Forward 8 years & she is a 2ND Degree Black Belt & ALL 6 members of her family are Blackbelts!  What an amazing accomplishment & passion that developed from a part-time activity.

She called me this week to tell me they were taking a huge leap of faith & opening up their very own Tae Kwon Do studio in Colorado!  They are extremely nervous & excited at the same time.  I found myself flashing back 3 years ago when JG shared this crazy Go vision with me & I was able to give her the comfort she needed that it was "all gonna be okay."  Follow your heart & Follow your dreams & you will make it happen!

Our phone call ended with the greatest compliment Go can receive.....she told me they wanted to model their culture after ours, give back to the community & help people reach their greatest potential.

With a very proud smile on my face, I hung up the phone, wrote her a note, & mailed her a copy of our Go Culture Book.....they deserve nothing less than than the best to help them in their journey