Thursday, September 13, 2012

So Why Was Kevin Goofing Off in Savannah?

Earlier this week, I attended the North Carolina Association of Realtors Annual Convention in Savannah, Ga.  Here's a quick run down of what I learned. 

Seriously consider going next year to the event in Asheville.  Two reasons that "destination" locations are chosen.  Past attendance has been low in  "regular" locations like Raleigh, Greensboro or Charlotte.  Second, many members like to take vacation time in the location before and after the event.  Hint, hint, you can write off your travel, lodging, and meals.  

I mixed with leaders from various local associations and met some of our state industry leaders,  pretty cool to hear their stories and expand the network.  The various state level committees meet as well as the North Carolina Board of Directors for our state association.  I am not currently in those groups, but I sat in on some of the meetings to learn.  

Various levels of agent training are provided.  You can definitely get your learn on while attending.  

Three key points I can share: 
  • After much discussion, a rise in annual state dues was not chosen in order to meet a short fall in our state level budget.  We will move some funds from our Issues Mobilization Fund (think policy ads) to cover the short fall. 
  • The Offer to Purchase will receive an update to cover issues related to mineral rights (fracking, anyone? ) on October 1st.  
  • We have great leaders in RRAR and probably the best managed association in the state. 
And yep, I did take in the sights.  Beautiful place, greaaaat food, ghost buggy tour of the historic district and all shared with my lovely wife.  Thanks for supporting this opportunity for me and for our company to shape our industry.