Thursday, September 13, 2012


At my age, the meaning of multitasking is not foreign to me but being an Angel at Go Realty gives new meaning to the term multitasking!!!

The past two weeks have been very busy indeed and sometimes doing 10 things at one time is the norm.  

What, you ask, is the solution for all this crazy, busy stuff going on--NOTHING, and I am certainly glad!  It means our company is thriving and doing well and I'd rather have lots of multitasking than not have a job at all.  And the brighter side is that I may have learned how to manage many different tasks at one time and support Go Realty agents who are really getting the hard work done!!!

So the next time you have too many eggs in your basket, make scrambled eggs.  And be sure to add bacon because you'll need extra protein to get all that work done!!!