Friday, September 21, 2012


               IT'S ALL ABOUT

Imagine my surprise today when in the midst of all my emails, I read a copy of my OBITUARY!  It really did happen. I have been so busy, with so many things, that I have neglected to be in touch with my extended family on a regular basis. Of course, the email is hilarious and totally meant as a joke. However, it was a subtle reminder to me that although our real estate lives keep us moving at a very quick pace, we can't afford to overlook our friends and family. I didn't intentionally neglect them, I just lost sight of my priorities in the midst of my "balancing act". Take a little time to check your priority list and make sure everything is balanced.....I'd hate for you to find your obituary waiting in your inbox!

Dearest Beloveds -
We are here today to mourn the passing of our Sister, Karen Roberts! Though she may still be among the living, as we have not heard from her since FOREVER!, we can only assume she has passed to the other side. Of course, we are not sure which side she has passed on to.
As her favorite Cousin, I have taken it upon myself to offer a substantial reward for information leading to the location of her butt. Therefore, if you should have any information as to her whereabouts, please forward such to me and receive a $5 gift certificate to Bubba's Best BBQ. While I know that this reward far exceeds the value of any information, it is only for love that I make the offer.
Please contact me by phone, facebook or twitter should you run across her on the street, in the soup line, dumpster-diving or on the beach in Cancun!
Together, we will bring her back alive!
G.W. Fisher
The Committee to Rescue Karen Roberts (CRKR) or "Cracker", for short.